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Odiphon - Oriya/Odia Software

Odiphon is the software used to type Oriya letters. Odiphon's Original site's link is missing. Thus we have preserved Odiphon through our site. Please download the executable file below to install Odiphon on your computer. Everything thereafter is self explanatory.

Download Odiphon

One Year Odia Learning Plan

Month 1 (Jan' 2002)

Alphabets and Practice Practice Exercise
Month 2 (Feb' 2002)

mAtrAs and practice Practice Exercise
Month 3 (Mar' 2002)

Simple Sentences with Alphabets and mAtras Practice Exercise
Month 4 (Apr' 2002)

Conjugate Letters and Practice Practice Exercise
Month 5 (May 2002)

Wise sayings and national anthem in Oriya Practice Exercise
Month 6 (June 2002)

English to Oriya Translation Exercises and Practice Practice Exercise
Month 7 (July 2002)

Intensive Odia reading and writing practices Practice Exercise
Month 8 (Aug' 2002)

Oriya lessons review Practice Exercise
Month 9 (Sept 2002)

Numbers in Oriya Practice Exercise
Month 10(Oct' 2002)

Oriya grammar Practice Exercise
Month 11(Nov' 2002)

Intensive reading and writing from Novels, Short Stories etc. Practice Exercise
Month 12(Dec' 2002)

Test and the Results (Proud Oriya Children) Test  
December 2003:

Oriya Test 2003 Lessons Exercise
December 2004

Oriya Test 2004 (NEW) Test  

Practice Plan

Every Fridays after coming back from school and eating your snack please practice Odia for half an hour.

Half an hour practice on Saturdays and Sundays

Beyond one year

Children who successfully complete one year Odia lessons will be given charge to translate Odia short stories, poems and novels. Local DC area children will get some special gifts for the New Year 2003 (it will be a surprise).