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Holi 2005 Report
Holi - Report
Bhajan News January 2005
Chirantana February 2005, 14th
Children's Learning - Jan-Feb 2005
Saraswati Puja
New Refresher course
An Appeal for JOGA Edu Programs


Volunteers are needed for various activities that are conducted during the bhajan program:

If you like to volunteer for the present month, please contact

The volunteer sign up sheet will be available during the program. Please sign up for the particular month that you will be interested to take up the task.

Bhajan moderater: To moderate the bhajan program by calling the names of the participants to sing bhajans. This is just to reduce the transition time and make the bhajan singing flow smoothly.

Announcements: Sometimes announcements are made to introduce the sponsor of the program, any activities that relate to Odia community, any upcoming program change, visitors etc.

Sponsors: Although initially the program started in cost sharing basis, to make the program less confusing for the new participants, the program continued with support from sponsors.

Dinner Discussion Moderater: The moderater selects the dinner speaker and topic of dinner discussion (if it will be a common topic for all).

Children's Program: To engage children in various activities. The plan I have in mind is the following:

Children bhajan (10 minutes in the beginning)
Odia/sanskrit prayer learning(half an hour during adult bhajan)
Children bhajan (10 minutes after Arati)
Odia lessons (half an hour during prabachana)
Activities such as coloring, story telling etc. (during dinner discussion)