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Holi 2005 Report
Holi - Report
Bhajan News January 2005
Chirantana February 2005, 14th
Children's Learning - Jan-Feb 2005
Saraswati Puja
New Refresher course

JOGA is a philosophical and educational organization, which will work on the concept of Jagat (The Universe) and use the mode of 'mahA' (The Biggest) to act locally, i.e., use global awareness to act locally.

Mission Goals

The mission goals of JOGA are:

  • Education, Research and Promotion of Lord Jagannath's principle of universal brotherhood for peace and prosperity. And thus popularising the concept of "Jagat" around the globe.

  • Promotion of advance scientific and technical knowledge in Orissa through workshops and refresher courses, and by improving the educational institutes and education standard in rural areas.

  • Balancing the scientific, technical, and spiritual requirements with global awareness, and through local activities.


An organization is an identity. Although work still can be done, and contribution still can be made in individual level, organization gives the opportunity for interaction, the interaction of some like minded people to accomplish a common goal. Organization is a medium for the propagation of ideas and hence the formation of JOGA.

JOGA established in October, 2001 and registered as a non-profit philosophical and educational organization. We have been organizing bhajan program every third Saturday of the month at Baltimore Jagannath temple. Our goal is to spread Jagannath culture around the globe. Please contact one of us for further information.