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Holi 2005 Report
Holi - Report
Bhajan News January 2005
Chirantana February 2005, 14th
Children's Learning - Jan-Feb 2005
Saraswati Puja
New Refresher course
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My salute to you mother Saraswati, the giver of the knowledge. All glory to you mother Binapani, Bharati. You hold veena (bINA, a string instrument) and books in your both hands and you are the empress of all vedas and vedantas. Your string echoes the whole creation with the six rAgas and thirty-six rAgiNIs. You are clad in the white saree, and seated on the lotus. You are the prettiest in the three puras and also the source of all knowledge. I salute you several times mother Shared, I salute you mother, the fulfiller of all desires. You are the wife of Lord Bisnu and you are mother of the whole world, you are also very graceful and remover of all misery. Mother Bhagabati, who is worshiped by the king of Gods, I salute your both feet.