Dear Friends:


    Some of you have asked many times that when we would have our own Jagannath temple.  Our community strength in DC area has grown. With your dedicated personal and financial help we are confident that very soon we will have first Jagannath temple in USA. We have already started to find a suitable plot by visiting different available sites. You can find most of your questions like why, where and who answered regarding site selection, budget, planning etc by going through Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Naresh Das,

Sujit Das,

Hemant Biswal,

Shashadhar Mohapatra,

Ajit Das,

Lalit Behera,



Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


1. Where is the possible site for temple?


We are looking for a site close to I95, I270 and I495 with easy access to freeway and with total land between 1 to 5 acres.


2. What is the proposed budget?


Our present goal is to raise $100,000 so that we can purchase a piece of land on mortgage with about 20% down payment, which may have an old house on the plot. We should also have enough funds to take care of first year’s mortgage payment until we can raise more funds.


3. To whom pledged checks to be written?


A separate account for this temple and community center project will be established as part of JOGA project. Mr. Lalit Behera has kindly agreed to be the treasurer for this account.  Once you have pledged an amount, you will be requested to send your check to him.  We will notify you with income and expense report of this fund periodically. Please write your check in favor of JOGA with specification for “Temple/community center project”.  Your donation is tax-deductible

Please send check in favor of "JOGA" to


c/o Lalit Behera

6300 Wind Rider Way

Columbia, MD 21045



4.  Why we plan a new temple specifically for Lord Jagannath?


Lord Jagannath not only ODiA's house hold deity but also he is our identity. We would like to worship him as the main deity similar to Puri temple. Also we would like to celebrate all the temple functions as prescribed by the Puri temple rituals. It is only possible when we will have temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath and the required facilities.


5.  What will happen to deities already installed in the Hindu temple?


          The deities installed in the Hindu temple will remain there and worshipped as it is happening now. 


6.    What is the time frame for the Temple to be built?


With Lord Jagannath’s blessing and our members’ strong support, once the land site has been secured, temple construction will be planned.


7. What will be the proposed name of the temple?


Jagannath temple of North America


8. Can other people outside oDiA community join/contribute ?


Definitely. Lord Jagannath is the lord of universe. Everyone is welcome.



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