ଓଡିଆ ସଂଗୋଷ୍ଠିର ହୋଲି ଉତ୍ସବକୁ ନିମନ୍ତ୍ରଣ


Saturday, March 27, 2021

Virtual Color Playing


Cultural Events

Time: 3:00 - 6:00 PM


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Procession, Color Playing

Jagannath Temple

Time: TBD

(In Person with Covid-19 Restrictions)


We intend to follow a strict guideline for managing time. We request all the participants to cooperate us. In that way we not only can save other's time, but also our time. However, time management is a community effort; a single person or five, ten people cannot do it unless everybody makes it a rule and cooperates.


About Hori Program

Preliminary Program

Information for Participants

Contact Information

Place and Time

About Hori Program

About Hori Program

Preliminary Program

Information for Participants

Contact Information

Place and Time

Information for Participants:

    To participate in the program, please contact obhajan@yahoo.com or jogaevants@gmail.com or call any of the contact numbers given in this webpage by March 6, 2021.

    All the cultural entries have the Odia language requirement. Exceptions will be considered in certain situations, classical dances and instrumental music.

    Cultural Information

    Below is the announcement from the cultural coordinators:

    The cultural program will be in You tube premiere and we need prerecorded video format of the items/performances. All videos should be shot in landscape mode. The last day of receiving the video file is March 6th, 2021. 

    Video format Guidelines  

    • Videos should be shot in landscape mode.  
    • Background and sound quality should be good.  
    • The videos received late and have poor quality will be discouraged to be included in the event.  
    • Contact us ahead of time if you plan to participate and need any help in making the video.  
    • Participant's name should be in the video itself.  


    General Rules followed in Previous Years:  

    The whole program is divided into the following Genres for children and adult category.  

    • Music sections (Odia language)  
    • Odia Folk Dance and Ollywood  
    • Classical Dances (All Indian Classical Dances Included)  
    • Drama section   


    Program guidelines and qualifying criteria  


    • Each video item’s time limit is 3-4 min.) You can combine multiple videos to make a group item. (Inform us if you plan to do so)  
    • Due to time limitation, only one entry for each participant will be accepted.  
    • There will be at most two slots for only graduating high school children who are on an advanced level of any dance/song category (Classical or Semi-Classical preferred) -(Each item’s time limit is 8 -10 min).  
    • Names of participants, Item Category should be in the video of the item he/she will present in the video format.  



    Time slots for program items will be allocated and blocked, provided all qualifying criteria are met.  

    All requests should be submitted by March 6th, 2021 (earlier is better since first come first serve may be applied to prepare everything early). Acceptance of entries may be closed if we receive and accept valid entries before March 6th.


    Thanks and regards,  

    Holi2020 Cultural coordinators   

    Maushumi Pattanayak (maushumi_p@hotmail.com)  

    Deepa Parija (deeparija@gmail.com)  

    Nirlipta Daschaudhury (2nirlipta@gmail.com)  

    Sikha Sen (aryasys@yahoo.com)



    Volunteers are needed for various activities. Please contact the members in the contact list if you would like to volunteer for any activities in the following category.



    Public Relations


About Hori Program

Preliminary Program

Information for Participants

Contact Information

Place and Time

Contact Information:

      Hemant Biswal
      Hernden, VA
      Ph: (703) 793-2632
      Nrusingha Mishra 
      Germantown, Maryland
      ph: (301) 540-4641

      Bigyani Das
      Dayton, Maryland
      ph: (410) 531-7445

      Joy Gopal Mohanty
      Elkridge, Maryland
      ph: 410-796-0608

      Anjana Chowdhury
      Germantown, Maryland
      ph: (301) 528-1919

      Meera Mohapatra
      Silver Spring, MD
      ph:  (301) 879 8188